July 30, 2014

The Roaming Lizard

I’m afraid I might be evolving, or perhaps its devolving, into a new creature. A creature that longs for warm sunny sand, water to cool off in when I become too hot, beverages and food provided to me by a caregiver (or yummy pool boy I’m not picky).

In short I’m becoming a lizard.
5773818369 28af2f427b The Roaming Lizard
Or a roaming gnome wanna-be.
 The Roaming Lizard

World of Warcraft Female Gnome

(Haha I couldn’t help myself. This is my tribute to the nerd that I used to be and secretly still am sometimes.)

Alex, poor hubby, has heard it from me pretty solid since the day after we returned from our glorious mousified honeymoon to Disney World. Ahh sweet, glorious Florida sunshine, pools, restaurants, hotel towels, and yes even the buses. (Heh. Which reminds me to tell you a funny story. Tomorrow.) I want to travel.
ry3d480 300x200 The Roaming Lizard
A huge number of my friends are becoming Moms really soon. I’m happy for them. I’m yes, sad to say, jealous of them. I really want to experience the things they are experiencing, but it isn’t time for that part of my marriage. So I’m trying to embrace the benefits of it being just Alex and I. By TRAVELING.

Party pooper over there on the couch though, says no. We need to wait. FOR WHAT?! The sun to shine where it ain’t gonna?

Bah. We’re not able to take a solid week vacation this year with Alex’s work schedule (though I may find a way to do one that is girl’s only before I lose my mind) without taking a pretty deep financial hit. So, in that sense I get the logic he is employing. 

The lizard side of me however wants the sun. The non-pregnant side of me wants to get my husband in on this “positive embrace of self” that I’m on with the whole traveling thing. The roaming gnome doesn’t care where we go so long as we GO!

The travel bug is dangerous y’all. I’m afraid its bit me, and its bit me hard. Now…to get it to bite my husband.
signature The Roaming Lizard


  1. While it won’t be sunny and warm, I’ll send you a postcard from Russia when I’m there for the month of May! I even got a scholarship to foot part of the bill. I do have to work while I’m there. It’s part of the deal but I can live with it.

  2. Oooooh . . . travel is on my list of things to do when we get rid of the kids. They’re fun to travel with, but it’s just too darned expensive for five. So yes – travel now. Preferably spontaneous travel because “spontaneous” is another thing people with kids can’t do. Complete the trifecta with a spontaneous trip where you stay out late and sleep in in the morning!
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    • Mrs Our Marriage Adventure
      Twitter: Mrsourma

      That’s what I’m aiming for but I think Alex is one for anything BUT spontaneous traveling. Still, I’m really pushing for a beach weekend sometime this summer.

  3. Haha! I hear ya. I am excited to travel later this year!
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  4. Not to make you jealous but we are going to Italy in May! WOOT! It is our pre-kids trip and delayed honeymoon. It was hard to decide on a vacation because like you, a part of me wanted a vacation where I sit on a beach and do nothing, but since we should do something big we decided Italy sounded awesome.
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