July 23, 2014

Appreciate Them!

Alex and I have topped 100 days on The Love Dare (HECK YEA BABY) and our most recently completed dare was all about appreciation.

In short we had to spell out what traits the other had and that we appreciated in each other. I thought this was such a great dare and one that really, every couple should strive to do every week. Or heck, barring every week at the very least once a month!

Alex and I focused on characteristics because that is what our dare called for us to do. Alex expressed gratitude for things like my assertiveness and the fact that I think. A lot. (I think he may have been a tad sarcastic in that last one.) While I expressed gratitude for Alex’s optimism and physical strength. Because those bugs aren’t going to squash themselves! We simply told each other one thing each night for a week. However if you wanted to really far with this Pinterest has a TON of great ideas!

For example y’all could surprise your spouse with a treat in their car before they go to work. I’ve had a lot of success doing this with Alex around various holidays so that the Easter Bunny, Santa, and LOL Cupid always show up in our home.


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Another great choice is super-duper simple. You need a printer and an empty frame. Create yourself a design and on it include the phrase “I appreciate you because:” Then you just print it out and stick it in the frame, and each day or week or whatever you can write something new using a dry erase marker! How fun is that?

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Source: eighteen25.blogspot.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

Then of course there is the ever popular sticky note plan. Alex and I do this one the most because we love to include notes in lunch boxes. Plus we prep lunch at separate times so we’re better able to surprise each other.

Love 298x300 Appreciate Them!

So what do y’all think? What are some fun and creative ways to say “I appreciate you!”?

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  1. Good for you two for sticking with this! I think we might make it to about day 25 and then it would hit the dusty bookshelf.
    Mindee@ourfrontdoor recently posted..Insert Title HereMy Profile

    • Mrs Our Marriage Adventure
      Twitter: Mrsourma

      Trust me there are days when I’d like to bury the book in the backyard!

  2. Hatton
    Twitter: Freshmomblog

    This is so so sweet!  Are you following a book that leads you through each day?
    Hatton recently posted..Ew. Gross. Bugs.My Profile

    • Mrs Our Marriage Adventure
      Twitter: Mrsourma

      Yup. Its based on “The Love Dare” the movie but it goes 365 days rather than 40 dares. I won’t lie though, IT IS HARD!

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