July 30, 2014

Snafooed by a Secret

I’ve been crafting up a storm lately. Well ok, mentally I have been crafting up a storm. In real life not so much, but I did go out this weekend and purchase items so that I can make my secret sister gift.

Just for the record I also run marathons mentally, but sadly this has yet to transfer over to real life. (Yes Alex you may now stare pointedly at that treadmill, the clothes upon it and state just for the record you totally told me so. You were right.)

So I was going to share my amazing S.S. gift with y’all and then it occurred to me that my S.S. might just maybe read my blog. How? Well because I’ve shared info about my blog with my church. So I had to rule out showing you even bits and pieces lest she figure out who the crap I am and defeat the whole SECRET part of being a secret sister. (I’m a quick one aren’t I?) However, I don’t know because I can’t ask her. But I’m getting / making / buying / stealing / borrowing (she’ll never know) her gifts and they are unique enough (in my mind) that she’d totally know it was me if I put them here and she does perchance read the blog. Basically I screwed myself over on this whole over-achiever business.

secret 450x500 Snafooed by a Secret

So anyway, point is – I have this really awesome (in my mind at least) gift and it would make a totally great Pinterest post but alas I’m stuck not being able to share because of this whole secret schmecret business. Which leads me to my next point –

Have any of y’all actually TRIED to make Pinterest recipes? I look at those amazing tables and plates of wholesome delicious food and I think to myself “What the crap was I thinking pinning that? I am not Martha Stewart…in fact I’m her direct opposite. Goddess of Sloth.” So have y’all tried any? I think I jumped off the mental bandwagon today because tonight, Lord above please don’t strike me dead, I’m going to succeed and make a dinner. It will be pretty (HA) and tasty (so is takeout) and encourage me to do this again some other night. This is my goal.

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So seriously – what, if anything, have y’all tried? Did it work? Was it easy? Could I, Goddess of Sloth, make it? If all of the above are yes, what is it?!?


  1. Pinterest is actually my main source for recipes these days! It is my go-to when I’m making my weekly meal plan and grocery list. I try to only pin things that look like they come from reputable blogs with good instructions and that look approachable or use ingredients I either have on hand or am familiar with. I’ve had a few failures, but mostly successes! My tip would be to read the comments and see if people have additional suggestions or critiques. Good luck!

  2. Grandma Judy says:

    I heard that Julie Childs didn’t know how to cook at all. She just kept trying recipes and learned from doing. Look where that got her……….

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