July 30, 2014

Weekend Post on Monday

I sound like a freaking frog this morning. Actually I’ve sounded like this pretty much since the third day of our vacation because I spent most of it screaming my head off much to Alex’s amusement. Let me explain…

Over Labor Day we took a much needed vacation to Pigeon Forge, TN. In other words, the tourist capital of the smokies. I had not planned hardly anything so we were kind of open ended on Friday when we decided around 2:30 to go to Dollywood. So it turns out if you walk in the little turnstile AFTER 2:35 p.m. you can come back the next day FOR FREE. Hells Yea! Saturday, secure in our knowledge that we could come back the next day, we ambled around the park. Alex attempted to get me on the brand new Wild Eagle coaster but I caught a break when a storm blew in disabling dang near everything ride wise.

IMG 0862 Weekend Post on Monday

Saturday…he made up for it. We rode every single roller coaster twice plus did the water rides and more. Now I’m not normally terrified of roller coasters but that Wild Eagle one I was practically hyper ventilating by the time I got off it the first time. SHEER TERROR. The only part of a ride that I (typically) dislike really is the “click click click” at the beginning when you know you are being towed to a sheer drop off. Yea, well on this baby it’s a VERTICAL click click wherein you have diddily squat above you or below. You look out, it’s the sky and you look down, it’s your feet high above the ground. :: SHUDDER :: The second time I actually managed to open my eyes for the photo op so at least you can see the terror in them in the picture. The other coasters, way more fun but truthfully I’d get in line again right now if I could for this Wild Eagle. So yea, you can imagine that my throat was quite soar by the time we went to dinner.

IMG 0863 500x373 Weekend Post on Monday

The statue outside is quite pretty – especially when I photo-bomb it!

Hopefully after this weekend I will sound normal because we’re going to the gun range later this afternoon and well, nothing screams “Sexy Wife” like the words “I love you” in a low growl followed by a voice crack at the end. Yummy!

I have a ton more photos but I really need to sit down and edit them which didn’t happen at all like I had planned before now so…please be patient.

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