July 28, 2014

The words to Sweet Home Alabama and the Lord’s Prayer are equally required knowledge for a true Southern Belle.

 Hey Y’all – I’m Stephanie!

I’m a 20-something Southern Belle minus the grace, living in the suburbs and navigating the waters called marriage. I don’t do laundry, but cooking is a secret passion of mine. My hair is rarely “done up” but you can dang well bet that I’ll be doing everything from vacuuming, to painting, to building a porch in pearls. (A true Southern lady can’t get dressed without her pearls.)

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 In short I’m a wife, not a housewife.

 So why blog?

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and seen the Prince get the girl? Perhaps you’ve watched those reality shows that stop on that last kiss following the wedding and reception only to wonder “Well what happens next?” That is what this blog is for!

I started blogging in 2008 to detail my wedding plans for family, but then I got married and found there was a whole lot more to say!

Now this blog is all about my married life and more effectively the story following “I do!” To put it simply, this blog is our story about the everyday magic following your HEA (that’s Happily Ever After for you non-fairytale folks!). Our lives aren’t perfect, but we’re learning. As we learn I’ll be here typing away to ensure that you can learn to…from our triumphs to our tears, our tempers to our laughter I’ll lay it all out on the line. We aren’t the “storybook” couple, but we’re honest!

intentions  I’ve recently discovered the love of Tweetdeck so now I’m able to get more info up on Twitter and Facebook. Also – I don’t live in closet so I find myself addicted to that little site called Pinterest. Why don’t we be friends on all of the above? (I bake cupcakes for friends!)

 Wedding bands should come with instruction manuals.

Our Marriage Adventure is just that, an adventure. I love high heels and being girly, Alex loves his Jeep and the mud.

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We never expected to fall in love, let alone get married, but life had other plans for us. I hope y’all will join us for the ride, because one think you can never say is that we’re predictable! Now we’re busy working through The Love Dare, dealing with infertility, and enjoying life!

So come on y’all, hop on in this jeep for Our Marriage Adventure!

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